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Givens LLP

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Givens LLP was founded on August 1, 1946 by Samuel Kaplan and John Givens. Samuel Kaplan had been a practicing public accountant since the late 1930’s and John Givens had previous expertise with a precursor of the Canada Revenue Agency. The Firm practiced as Kaplan & Givens until Samuel Kaplan retired in the mid-1950’s and then as J Givens & Co until its merger with Hamilton Lain in 1992. Clay Givens joined the firm in 1971 and retired in 2006, Jack Logan joined in 1981.

Calvin Hamilton began practice in Fort Saskatchewan in 1969. Jack Lain joined Cal Hamilton as a student in 1978, graduated and was admitted to partnership in 1981. Cal Hamilton retired in 1998.

Patrick Sanders and Cass Williamson began working with the Firm in 2006 and became partners in 2010.

The Firm associated itself with Porter Hétu International in 1989 to bring additional expertise to its client base. The Firm uses a wide range of outside consultants to ensure that the needs of its clients are met.

Growth within the Firm has been carefully managed to keep up with client growth. The client base ranges from individuals who require assistance in preparation of personal income taxes to multi-provincial firms requiring assurance and reporting in multiple jurisdictions.

Givens LLP provides full service to its clients including assurance and audit, general business consulting and income tax preparation.