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Olds, AB
Full Time
Company Description

Carpenter Enterprises Inc., owned and operated as McDonald's Restaurants Central Alberta.

We have been operating since 2015 and have grown to an organization of 12 restaurants in total, and we plan to continue to grow! Whether you're looking for a firstjob to get you into the workplace, or somewhere you can grow personally and professionally, or you're tired of job hopping and looking to find your forever work family, we might just be the right fit for you!

How about the chance to be part of a company that's primarily run by independent business owners and that's active in your community. That's helped more than 300,000 Canadian families with sick kids through Ronald McDonald House. If that sounds good to you, then we'd love to hear from you.

Job Description

We are looking to hire a Late Night Maintenance position that would likely work 3 shifts a week as maintenacne, and then cooking/kitchen work on the other 2 days to make this a full time position for this location in Olds, Alberta.


You're a curious mind. You love to see how things work and are fascinated by the intricacies of objects. You're good with your hands and mechanically adept. You'd rather do a job right the first time, than do it twice.

  • To you, cleanliness is highly important. So much so, you're always focused on maintaining things spick and span at all times. Even your computer's keyboard as you read this, is spotless.
  • To maintain a safe work environment for guests and coworkers alike. With your encyclopedic knowledge of safety regulations and equipment, you will make a productive contribution to our team.
  • To juggle. Three, four, sometimes more things at a time. But you're a master at multi-tasking, so you got this. You'll be juggling things like fixing cupboards, tending to store areas and appliances during your shift. Sometimes during the day, sometimes in the wee hours of the night. And you'll do it with limited supervision, thanks to your impeccable organizational skills.
  • You'll also take pride in repairing the décor and equipment. After all, you're mechanically inclined.