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Ministry of Environment

Company Confidential
Part Time
40 to 93 per hour (plus commission)
DUTIES: R1: Responsible for ensuring the relevance, review and adherence of Forestry Acts, Regulations and Policies a) Advises the Minister and Senior Management on forestry policies and issues, thereby assisting them in making well-informed decisions. b) Participates in the development and review of relevant acts, regulations and policies on forestry matters to ensure that they are relevant, up-todate and in line with national interests. R2: Responsible for ensuring the judicious management of The Gambia’s forest cover and resources a) Oversees the participation of communities and relevant stakeholders, in ensuring efficient and effective participatory forestry management. b) Participates in multi-stakeholder negotiations aimed at resolving inter/intra-community conflicts on forestry-related disputes. c) Oversees the execution of projects and programmes under the Department, to ensure that they are efficiently implemented. R3: Responsible for ensuring the efficient management of the Department 3 | P a g e a) Develops the annual work plans of the Department and ensures that they are realistic, attainable and in line with the Department’s aims and objectives. b) Manages staff within the department, by monitoring their functions and performance and identifying their training needs, to ensure that they are well-equipped to better execute their functions. c) Prepares and submits the department’s annual manpower and financial budget proposals to the Ministry (for use in the annual Budget Bilateral exercises) and manages the department’s approved budget.
Accounting Administrative Automotive

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