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MacEwen Petroleum Inc.

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MacEwen Petroleum Inc. is a proudly Canadian owned and operated fuel and convenience provider that has successfully built and sustained customer relationships in Ontario and Quebec for 40 years. MacEwen began in 1976 as a residential and farm fuel distributor serving customers in rural Eastern Ontario.

MacEwen retains its heritage and identity as a family owned and operated business , and is recognized as one of Canada's leading independent petroleum and convenience store companies. The company owns and operates 50 MacEwen and Esso branded retail locations offering fuel, convenience stores and car washes. The company is also the fuel supplier to 80 MacEwen and Esso branded independently owned and operated dealer locations in Ontario and Quebec.

The success of MacEwen is also derived from the innovative products it provides. In 1993, MacEwen was one of the first businesses to provide more environmentally friendly ethanol gasoline to customers in Ontario. In 2000, MacEwen continued to provide innovative products with the introduction of low sulphur gasoline. Today, MacEwen distributes Diesel Exhaust Fluid to reduce emissions in the transportation industry.

Today, MacEwen proudly employs over 165 people in 10 divisional offices throughout Ontario and Quebec.