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WellTraxx Ltd.

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Helping Farmers, Ranchers, Rural Municipalities and Alberta Metis Settlements across Western Canada


The Welltraxx story began on a cool summer evening around a board room table. Okay, not a board room table, it was a bar room table. There was water. Okay, that’s a lie, but it was a clear liquid in the glass. And two awesome guys (100% accurate) were talking about their industry and how they could do things differently.

Welltraxx was the brainchild of two small-town Saskatchewan boys, Casey Ziegler and Kris Bower. The two were professional land agents that saw an opportunity to help make life simpler for those managing oil and gas development. They wanted to assist farmers, ranchers and rural municipalities with their oil and gas holdings to ensure they got organized and stayed organized.

Fast forward ten years later and Welltraxx now has two offices, one in Eastend, Saskatchewan and the other in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Every year they help hundreds of landowners across Western Canada manage their oil and gas holdings in a clear and organized manner. Over 30 Saskatchewan rural municipalities rely on their innovative software and administrative support to better connect with their energy company partners. And they work closely with several Alberta Metis settlements to help meet their specialized needs when it comes to surface lease management, oil and gas administration, consultation and more.

Welltraxx is here to help you stay well connected.