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Xtel International Ltd

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Products & Services:
XTelAlert (XTA) has evolved into a fully programmable product family, easily customizable for a variety of unique applications such as monitoring solar and generator set operations with voice callout and/or data exchange via cellular, two-way radio, telephone, or satellite. XTA is approved by CSA/NRTL, Industry Canada, and FCC.

XTA applications include monitoring and or control of petroleum processing facilities, waste treatment plants, lift stations, radio transmission sites, electrical sub-stations, irrigation systems, air navigation landing systems, tank farms, rail transportation, telecommunications, environmental monitoring, fire and security…

Xtel's latest development efforts focus on electric drive monitoring & control - providing a smart and easy-to-use communication interface for VSDs at well sites, monitoring and control for solar-powered sites, and specialized environmental & meteorological monitoring and data logging. Xtel now produces a quality assembly for load shedding of independent power producers ( IPPs ) from major utilities.

Consulting Engineering:
Xtel International Ltd.,formed in 1989, is a Canadian telecommunications engineering company manufacturing and marketing XtelAlert ( XTA), a state-of-the-art data and voice alarm monitoring/control product which reliably protects remote or unattended assets.

Xtel International Ltd. is also an experienced radio communication system integrator, very capable in project management, manufacturing, sourcing, assessment, evaluation, testing and commissioning. Xtel's engineering team employs the latest in proven technological design tools to produce reliable, cost-effective system solutions for difficult applications